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National surveys show that 9 out of 10 Healthcare employers prefer National Certification and Licensing OVER diplomas, certificates, and even degrees earned from traditional schooling!

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Nine (9) out of Ten (10) Employers Prefer Certification OVER Schooling:

Although most schools will NOT admit it, schooling is not a requirement for most Allied Healthcare fields. This is because there are multiple ways to qualify for certification testing–schooling is just one of those ways. For instance, drivers education schooling is not a standard requirement to obtain a drivers license and the purpose of attending drivers ed is to ultimately earn the drivers license. No one is really ever going to ask whether or not you went to drivers’ ed, as long as you are qualified to earn your driver’s license. Such is also the case with certification.

Testing eligibility can also be obtained with a certain specified length of continued, full-time employment in the field you want to test in. However, after hundreds of students over the past decade, we have NEVER seen anyone just “walk in” and pass the test. (This is including multiple doctors and nurses). The reason for this is that the tests use what is known as psychometrics–amongst other advanced assessment methodologies– which make it such that one needs training in order to pass them in most cases. For this reason, Medical Career Specialists offers accelerated medical training to help ensure qualified students are properly trained and have the skills they need to pass their certification and licensing examinations, and then go on to be successful employees.

As long as you properly prepare and can qualify to earn your certification without schooling, the focus is on the fact that you are licensed, as opposed to whether or not you went to a long, expensive schooling program. And let’s be honest–whether or not you go to driving school does not determine whether or not you are a good driver. What employers truly want is good employees whose skills they can depend on. Certification is one of the ways employers have a guarantee that you have the potential to be a good employee–schooling does not provide this same guarantee. Thus, you do not earn your certification and then worry about schooling–you earn your certification and then go find yourself a good job for which you are aptly qualified. The purpose of going to school is to get your certification, not the other way around.

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98% of Medical Career Specialists’ Students Pass National Exams on the FIRST TRY:

While schooling is not a requirement in most cases, we strongly suggest that students receive some sort of professional advanced preparation before testing. Because, most people are unable to pass the tests without this. And each time you take national certification examinations you have to pay. Also, there is a strict limit to the number of times each exam can be taken. Therefore, we provide quick and painless training methods that provide focused training that you WILL use in the workplace and on the certification tests. Our programs help you save both time and money. Unlike traditional, longer, more expensive programs, Medical Career Specialists teaches you what you need to know to be successful–nothing more, nothing less.  

Medical Career Specialists has Almost 14 Years of Experience and Verifiable Success:

Also, our instructors are well-trained, well-seasoned, licensed, insured, and certified medical professionals. Our training team includes doctors, nurses, and former veteran instructors for the United States Navy. All of these factors help contribute to our continued success after over a decade of service to the Medical Community. We have successfully trained MANY students who have left us very generous testimonials, some of which are located here: Student Reviews


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