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National surveys show that 9 out of 10 Healthcare employers prefer National Certification and Licensing OVER diplomas, certificates, and even degrees earned from traditional schooling!

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Frequently. Asked. Questions.

Q: Who are your services for?

A: Our services are available to all healthcare entities and professionals such as, but not limited to: individuals, organizations, hospitals, clinics, research labs, and other medical facilities. Program participants must meet certain qualification guidelines to participate in most of our programs.

Q: Are the Certifications Accredited? If so, Where can they be used?

A: Yes! Certifications are 100% accredited and can be used in all Healthcare settings Nationwide. Our students have access to the same certification credentials as those who complete college/univeristy degree programs. The variation is not in the certifications, but in the method taken to qualify for those certifications. There are various ways to qualify for certification, whether other schools will admit it or not. Click here for certification and accreditation Information.

Q: Where are your services available?

A: Services are available throughout the continental U.S. For group training (consisting of 5 students or more), our Mobile Training Team (MTT) may be able to travel to your facility. Click here for more information. If you are an individual and your city is not listed under our training locations, you may qualify to complete training online. Please contact us to see if you qualify. All others must attend one of the regularly scheduled start dates listed on our calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ‘3 week optional access for advance self-study’?

A: This is the 3-week window that is granted to each student to access the program training materials in advance before coming to class to complete their 2-7 day program. This allows them the opportunity to go through all of the material up front in order to know what to expect and to truly make the most of their time in class with the instructor and the other students, having already gone over everything on their own, if/as necessary.

Q: How soon can I take the certification exam?

A: As early as the same day training ends. Also, testing is offered on-site at all of our training locations. You will just need to register one week in advance for examinations, no matter when you plan to challenge them. All exams must be taken within 30 days following the completion of a given program. Failure to do so will result in expiration of the at (authorization to test).

Q: I just registered for training by submitting my application and my payment for the program. When will I receive my training materials and access to the Registered Students web portal?

A: Our system updates twice daily; once in the morning and once in the evening. Depending on the time of day (or night) that you registered, your web portal logon information will automatically be e-mailed to the e-mail you provided on your electronic enrollment application. Be sure to check your junk/spam mail folder. If for any reason you have not received  your username and password within 24-48 hrs, then please contact us. Note: we are closed on weekends and our system only updates on weekdays.

Q: How can I access the online web portal?

A: Because of the members only material contained within, access is only available to registered students. You can only access it if you are a registered student.

Q: How long are your training programs and how often are they offered?

A: Our certification training programs are one (1) week in duration or less (when completed in-person, in a classroom setting) and they are offered on an on-going basis, which means you can enroll just about anytime. See scheduling for more information. When completed 100% online, then courses range from 2-7 weeks. See individualized training for further detail.

Q: Where can I find in-depth information about the certification examinations?

A: In-depth information about certification exams can be found in the Registered Students web portal. We offer exams primarily through the National Medical Licensing Association (NMLA). However, other options are available. Click here for more information.

Q: How big are the class sizes for your training programs?

A: There is no “standard” class size. In general, classes that are open to the public are between 5-10 students, whereas private classes range from 1-50 students. Individualized and Online Training is 1-on-1.

Q: Does MCS offer job placement assistance?

A: While we are oftentimes able to provide references and other professional career preparation services, these services are not guaranteed to be available at all times.

Q: Do you offer financial aid for your training programs?

A: No, we do not offer financial aid. We do offer payment plans, however training fees must be paid in full on or before the last day of registration.

Q: Are payment plans available?

A: Yes, payment plans are allowed as long as the entire training balance is satisfied before the close of registration, which is 3 weeks/21 days before the training start date. Click here for more information about Personalized Payment Plans (PPPs).

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