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In an effort to meet the requests of many students who are unable to attend training at the established dates, times, and locations of our training schedule, we now offer training on an individual (one-on-one) basis. Individualized training is available in or near most major cities nationwide. All programs are currently offered in this format.


In this format, students complete the theoretical (book work) aspect of their program online at our e-campus. They can then be scheduled to complete the clinical (hands-on) practice under the direct supervision of  a qualified medical professional in one of the following types of medical settings: hospital, clinic, laboratory, doctor’s office, etc. These externships begin following the completion of online training and can last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. Student liability and/or medical malpractice insurance is included in the program fee.


In this format, training consists of the same curriculum, material, content, and instruction as the training offered in a classroom setting. Students have 24-hour access to all program materials through their online student account for the duration of their training period.

Program Length

Students have multiple weeks to complete training based upon the standard length of our programs (which normally vary from 2 to 7 days). Course lengths are much longer in this format, whereby the number of weeks allotted is the same as the number of days of our standard programs.

For example, the 2-day Phlebotomy Technician course becomes 2-weeks, the 5-day Clinical Medical Assistant becomes 5 weeks, the 7-day Physician Technician becomes 7 weeks, etc. Note: students are not required to utilize the full time allotted, but it is available to them.


The online portion of training can be done in-home and therefore can begin on any of the scheduled calendar dates. The externship/clinicals can be done in or near the student’s city of residence and normally begin shortly after online training has been completed.


The  program costs for  the one-on-one format  are the same as the classroom training program fees located here. However, there is a $650-$1,250 fee added to the program tuition to cover the additional services, arrangements,  sponsorship and affiliation, accommodations,  legally required insurance and documentation, titling and identification, competencies verification, filing fees, etc. required of those needing/wanting to complete a clinical externship of  up to three weeks (21 days) in duration. If needing to add an additional week to an externship, there is a $350/week to do so. (See blue box to the right for externship fees).

Note: not everyone is required to complete an externship to qualify for certification testing, dependent upon previous experience in the field. If externships can be exempted, so is the associated fee.

About Clinical Externships

Clinical Externships are highly recommended for those that are NOT currently employed in the field, as it is an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Working in the capacity of an extern allows students the opportunity to demonstrate (to employers) their ability to work efficiently, have good worth ethic, and be a valuable asset to the company. It is very common for externs to be offered permanent employment with their externship employer if they have exceeded expectations and really impressed the employers with their skills. For this reason, the externship can be an invaluable tool for jump-starting a career and it is highly recommended that those needing employment consider taking this route to gain it.

For example, Clinical Medical Assistant in this format (online/individualized) would be $1,999 plus $1,250, which totals to $3,249. The $3,249 tuition covers everything except the certification examination (i.e. books, supplies, clinical materials, lab training, training fees, training resources, clinical externship, student liability insurance, study guides, practice modules, practice tests, etc.). Note: if you are not required to partake in clinicals in order to qualify for examination, then you may exempt them and the associated fee. See qualification guidelines below.

Individualized Training Format

>>Qualification Guidelines

>>Program Start Dates

>>Tuition and Fees

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Externship Fees:

Phlebotomy Tech or EKG Tech……….$650

All other programs (other than Phlebotomy or EKG)…………$1,250

Additional week.……$350/week