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National surveys show that 9 out of 10 Healthcare employers prefer National Certification and Licensing OVER diplomas, certificates, and even degrees earned from traditional schooling!

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Our accelerated training formats make it fast and easy to get your Nationally ACCREDITED Certification & Licensing in a matter of days.

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Experts highly recommend obtaining certification because “You show that you are knowledgeable about your subject matter or industry and you will stand out from the sea of other resumes that staffers wade through each day”. (Quote from Workplace Examiner)

All career preparation and medical job placement services available to program participants. If you are a registered student, e-mail: info@medicalcareerspecialists.com  with “ Request for career prep services” in the subject line. This must be done within one week of registration to ensure expeditious assistance.  All requests made after this timeframe will not be processed. 

Job placement Assistance

In addition to helping program participants properly prepare their professional portfolio, we also help locate job leads as well as staffers and employers that are looking for their skill-set. Proper Allied Healthcare and Medical job placement is essential to finding good employment opportunities.

Referrals & Direct-hires

With over a decade of experience, we have established wonderful relationships with various medical facilities all over the country. At times these contacts request that we refer job candidates to them for immediate direct-hire. While we cannot guarantee that a given employer will hire you, we can certainly do everything within our power to present qualified candidates for the wonderful medical employment opportunities that we are presented with.

Professional Resume Preparation

A properly formatted, professionally prepared resume is extremely important. The resume serves as the first impression that a potential employer will have of you, and you know what they say—the first impression is everything. It is to your benefit to have a properly formatted, professional medical resume. We can help with this.

Letters to employers ( of Reference, Reimbursement, Recommendation, etc)

Having a letter of reference in-hand when applying for jobs gives applicants a great advantage because employers always appreciate potential employees with a recommendation for employment from a reliable, well-respected source. In addition, a letter of reference can be successfully used in conjunction with your professional resume to help get your foot in the door. For those needing other types of letters (for reimbursement or recommendation), we can assist with this in an effective manner as well.

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Be sure to join the Allied Healthcare and Medical job Club!!

Be sure to join the Allied Healthcare and Medical job Club!!

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