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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would anyone choose to go to a traditional schooling program, when yours has so many great benefits and advantages over the others?

A: Because our programs are not for everyone. Students must meet special qualification guidelines to take our programs, which not everyone is able to meet. The other reason is that many people who would qualify, do not know that there is an alternative to the traditional college and university vocational programs because it is not something that most schools know and are willing to admit.

Qualification Guidelines

Pre-requisites for Program Participation:

Our programs are generally designed for those who have a prior background in healthcare by way of experience, schooling, and/or job training, such as:

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Certified Medical Assstant (CMA), Patient Care Technician/Associate/Nurse, (PCT/PCA/NT), Registered, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse (RN, LPN, LVN), Medical Doctor (MD), Emergency Medical Tech (EMT), Phlebotomy Tech (PT), IV Tech, Medical Lab Tech/Assistant (MLT/MLA), Medical Office Assistant (MOA), Dialysis Tech (DT), Home Health Aid, Physician Assistant,  Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Health Information Technologist, Health Records Specialist, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (DMS), Dental Hygienist, student of allied health or all medical (pre-nursing, pre-medical) or Natural Science Majors (Biology, Chemistry). In addition, consideration is given for medical work experience and/or schooling that meets certain criteria. You may still meet the Pre-requisites for Program Participation if you are a current or past Healthcare professional, whether or not your profession is listed above. See ‘Non-compliance Standards’ below if you are absolutely certain that you do not meet the Pre-requisites for Program Participation qualification guidelines.

Non-compliance Standards:

State and Federal Law require that all program participants meet certain educational and practical standards, which can be done by way of Supplementary Compliance for certain qualifying individuals. If you do not fit the above criteria, you  may  still be eligible to enroll by way of Supplementary Compliance, but will need to be pre-approved by the Education Director BEFORE registering. Supplementary Compliance Standards (SCS) requires additional training materials and supplies to be administered in order to supplement that which is already included with our programs.  SCS also involves assurance of certification testing eligibility upon program completion to enable otherwise non-compliant students to test for certification and licensing.

Contact us for further assistance to verify whether or not your current knowledge and skill-set will make this option available to you. Please note that there is a Supplementary Compliance fee that is required in addition to the standard program tuitions found here. Once approved, Supplementary Compliance students can complete the regular registration process located here and are eligible for the same payment plans and scheduling guidelines as all other students.

For example, the regular tuition for Phlebotomy Technician is $999, but for those who do not meet the Pre-requisites for Program Participation above, the cost becomes 1,649 (which includes the Supplementary Compliance Fee of $650.)

Qualification Guidelines

Supplementary Compliance Fees*:

Phlebotomy Tech or EKG Tech……$650

All other programs (Excluding Physician Technician)…..$2,050

Physician Technician…..$3,050

*Supplementary Compliance Fees are for those who do NOT meet the Pre-requisites for Program Participation listed above.

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